men orgasm

Today only backward layers of female population are sure that all men only both need one somewhat quicker and it is desirable without excess efforts. A men’s orgasm – much more complex and many-sided phenomenon, than it is accepted to judge. 

The orgasm at the man is explained with passing of sperm through narrow channels. Sperm “presses” on the nervous terminations of these channels, and in a brain the feeling of an orgasm is created. The ejaculation happens pushes because of reductions of muscles of the member. After an orgasm the member gradually withers, and it happens rather, than the ejaculation proceeded stronger. These are only dry medical data. So, in what features of a men’s orgasm consist?

1. The orgasm for men is natural, physiological requirement, just the same as the need for food or air. While whether the woman Has to test an orgasm? Whether the woman has to test an orgasm? an women orgasm – it is rather the miracle of evolution which is initially not provided by the nature. The female needs to remain in combat readiness and to come into sexual contacts without respite up to pregnancy approach. So the orgasm, from the evolutionary point of view, is not necessary to it. The male has to earn at once good and immediate reward for the done work that there was an incentive to repetition of a feat.

2. Most of men reach an orgasm quicker, than women. It is connected with the fact that the culmination of pleasure happens together with an ejaculation.

3. The man cannot receive an orgasm without ejaculation. Ejaculation happens in most cases. With exception than men use special techniques to hold the ejaculation. Men are visual creatures so by watching Cameraboys ejaculating you get to see how it works in real world as all the intimate action is streaming live.

4. Ejaculation without orgasmic feelings is possible. Very few people from women are familiar with this feature. Really, under the influence of a stress, fatigue, alcohol the man can terminate from physical stimulation and not feel at the same time pleasure from an orgasm.

5. Men cannot have a multiple orgasm. After an ejaculation at once there is a recession of tension, and for some time the man loses the slightest interest in sex. It needs rest for restoration while at the woman the condition of excitement (plateau) remains still some time and, having continued sexual intercourse, she can receive repeated orgasms.

6. A penis – not the only erogenous zone of the man. During an orgasm all attention is concentrated to the tip, but there are sensitive zones which stimulation is capable to bring closer an orgasm. Each man has them the. Most often one of such zones are testicles. Strokings of this area, as a rule, give to men huge pleasure. At some men, as well as at women, nipples are quite sensitive. One of the most sensitive “men’s” zones – area between a scrotum and an anus.

7. A lie that only one is necessary to men. Male egoism in a bed – the gossip of the town. And at the same time this representation in most cases is the anachronism offending men’s advantage. For men own satisfaction from sexual intercourse is directly connected with satisfaction partners. The orgasm will be fuller if it was succeeded to bring the partner to an orgasm. On the other hand, if she cannot test an orgasm for any reasons, sex for the man becomes the most real torture which is morally exhausting and lowering its self-assessment.

8. The orgasm of the man depends also on mood. Contrary to ordinary opinion that the man is always ready at the time of strong excitement all his vulnerability and vulnerability is bared. Therefore, if something goes not so, the man can lose an erection. Because of a severe stress the penis head becomes dry and painful at all.

9. Imagination helps to reach the maximum pleasure. For example, very sexually, when the woman does blowjob, and her long hair fall down on the partner’s hips. But if the woman has short hair, it is possible to present that they at her long. Also many men use porn to substitute imagination and that is not very good, but does the job. It will allow to strengthen excitement and pleasure from an orgasm.

10. Feelings at men become dull with age. With age men need more stimulation to reach the same level of pleasure comparing to the young years.