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Urban Striptease

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How to become a webcam stripper

Visit clubs or if you want to do strip shows online – major live webcam sites for adults, such as LiveJasmin, Camlis, HornyRooms and many others, in which you want to work. Be not allocated and whenever possible take with yourself the friend guy better to feel the atmosphere of club and to examine visitors before you will settle there to work. If you see that in club to a lot of things close eyes, look for other place. You do not want to work where for girls have no respect and can do harm. There are 4 types of clubs for men:

  • The highest category. In similar clubs there is a dresscode and often you have to wear the long dress similar to something between an evening dress and underwear. Tip quite high and the personnel divides it among themselves. On average it is 10-20% of daily profit. Visitors of these clubs usually businessmen or city dwellers with the income above an average therefore you have to look suitably: evening dresses, pastes, generally, full set. On a note: these clubs big by the size and every night the many people, entertaining public work there.
  • Clubs on – to the neighborhood”. These clubs which are rather weakening and usually attract locals or tourists, depending on location. You will have more freedom in a choice of a dress and style. This good place to start career. Some clubs are in an industrial zone or remind the neighboring bars offering representations of topless or completely naked girls.
  • Roadside snack bars. Usually they are in the most remote places of the city and have not numerous clients. There will easily settle, however it is necessary to deal with unpleasant public.
  • Online webcam sites, this is the most crowded way to work and you can meet men from all over the world.

Ask questions. When you find a suitable place of work, talk to the girl who already works there. How many they are paid? Whether tip relies? How many percent from tip it is necessary to give? If it is necessary to give 50% every night, hardly this work is worth it. Each club has rules.

  • It is best of all to ask some girls about working conditions. The more opinions at you will be, the you will take more truth.
  • Do not forget to learn where they buy clothes and ask about their experience!

In real world you are limited with choices of where you want to work a strip dancer and webcams gives you the best choices and of course the large audience where you can work and make more money, so if you are a model and want to try as a stripper go with webcams!